Knee Deep in the Funk: Understanding the Connection Between Spirituality and Music.

Music is spiritual - find out how. Learn about the power of the intuitive experience in music; the link between music, sex, drugs, and spirituality; the role of music in meditation and prayer; music as a universal language; and so much more.

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Discover This: Who Wrote the Torah and How Do You Know? Can an intelligent, rational, levelheaded, thinking person believe that God wrote the Torah? Good question. Discover This is a good answer. Discover This examines the evidence:

  • The Contradictory Nature of Jewish Survival
  • The Jewish Experience at Mount Sinai
  • The Accuracy of the Torah's Transmission
  • The Story of the Torah Codes
  • The Nazis Hidden in the Book of Esther
  • And much more

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Everything You Want Is Really Jewish is a book about pseudo-hipsters, hairstyles, loud music, Czech beer, shwarma, the art of New York driving, music school, Israel, and the Earth Jew. It is about identity and asking questions. It is about being Jewish. It is about frustration and not knowing what to ask. It is about everything: and that everything you want, you already know.

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The Glue Factor: The Sticky Secret of Campus Recruiting is the mother of all campus recruitment books. It outlines an approach that will a) dramatically transform the way you recruit new students and b) retain the students you already have. Learn the secrets to generate amazing word-of-mouth on campus.

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